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Digitizing Puerto Rican Insurance: The INSTANDA & IICG Webinar

In an era where digital transformation dictates the pace and success of industries worldwide, the Puerto Rican insurance market stands on the brink of a significant overhaul. The upcoming webinar, "Digitizing Puerto Rican Insurance With INSTANDA," hosted by IICG in partnership with INSTANDA, promises to be a an important moment for the sector. This collaboration aims to introduce cutting-edge solutions to longstanding challenges.

Bridging the digital gap with INSTANDA

INSTANDA's reputation as the insurance industry's first no-code core insurance platform precedes itself. Having empowered over 70 carriers, MGAs, and brokers across 18 countries, INSTANDA is a symbol of innovation, enabling insurers to digitize their operations fully and penetrate new markets with unprecedented speed. The partnership with IICG, a leading entity in the Puerto Rican international insurance Center, signifies a leap towards a digitally-enabled future, ensuring that the benefits of technology reach every corner of the market.

Webinar Highlights

Scheduled for April 23rd at 2pm Atlantic Standard Time, the webinar is poised to be an engaging session led by a distinguished panel of speakers, including Ruben A. Gely, President of IICG, and experts Naish Berran, Angie Sinclair, and Vazhin Fadhil. Attendees can expect a comprehensive exploration of the following key themes:

- Multi-lingual Digital Experiences: Addressing the diverse linguistic landscape of Puerto Rico, the webinar will showcase solutions for offering seamless digital interactions for agents and customers alike, in their preferred language.

- Real-time Quoting: The essence of digital transformation lies in its ability to provide instantaneity. Learn how INSTANDA enables real-time quoting, dramatically reducing wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

- Digitized Document Management: Access to documents when and where needed is a cornerstone of efficiency. Discover how digitizing document management can revolutionize the way insurers operate, offering real-time access to critical information.

- BI Dashboard Insights: Knowledge is power, and in the digital age, this power is derived from data. The webinar will cover how Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards can provide ongoing insights, enabling informed decision-making.

An Interactive Journey Through Digitalization

The general flow of the webinar promises an immersive experience, starting with an introduction by Ruben A. Gely, followed by practical demonstrations of DIRECT-TO-CONSUMER (D2C) and agent portals, policy management, and the customization capabilities of INSTANDA's platform. Angie Sinclair's session on reporting with PowerBI Dashboards will highlight the analytical prowess that participants can harness.

The Value of Digital Transformation

Key values to be stressed throughout the webinar include:

- The overarching value of digitalization in saving time and reducing inefficiencies.

- The critical support for Spanish in every portal, acknowledging and respecting the linguistic diversity of the Puerto Rican market.

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