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Puerto Rico's International Insurance Center: An Ideal Gateway for MGAs and MGUs Seeking Expansion

Rubén A. Gely-Ortiz | June 29, 2024 | IICG

As Managing General Agents (MGAs) and Managing General Underwriters (MGUs) look to expand into new markets, leveraging modern insurance strategies and accessing global reinsurance markets becomes critical. Puerto Rico's International Insurance Center (IIC) stands out as a strategic hub, offering unequaled benefits for MGAs and MGUs aiming to unleash the power of captive insurance and reinsurance. Here's why Puerto Rico's IIC is the ideal gateway for such ambitious ventures.

Captive Insurance: A Flexible and Cost-Effective Solution

Captive insurance, a self-insurance strategy where a company creates its own insurance company to cover its risks, has gained significant traction among MGAs and MGUs. Puerto Rico's IIC provides a robust framework for establishing and managing captive insurance entities. This framework offers flexibility in policy design and premium pricing, enabling MGAs and MGUs to tailor their insurance solutions precisely to their needs. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of captive insurance in Puerto Rico, thanks to favorable tax incentives and streamlined regulatory processes, makes it an attractive proposition for expanding firms. 

Access to a Thriving Reinsurance Market

Puerto Rico's strategic location and well-developed reinsurance infrastructure provide MGAs and MGUs with seamless access to global reinsurance markets. The IIC fosters connections with major reinsurance companies, facilitating risk transfer and capital management. This access ensures that MGAs and MGUs can effectively mitigate their risks, enhance their underwriting capacity, and offer more competitive products to their clients. The ability to tap into these reinsurance markets also supports the scalability of MGA and MGU operations, making it easier to enter new geographical regions with confidence. 

A Business-Friendly Environment

Puerto Rico's IIC offers a business-friendly environment characterized by regulatory support and a commitment to  innovation. The regulatory framework is designed to be responsive and adaptive, ensuring that MGAs and MGUs can navigate compliance requirements efficiently. Moreover, Puerto Rico's legal system aligns with U.S. standards, providing a familiar and reliable foundation for business operations. This combination of regulatory ease and legal assurance makes Puerto Rico a compelling choice for MGAs and MGUs looking to expand their footprint.

Strategic Advantages of Puerto Rico

Beyond the regulatory and financial incentives, Puerto Rico offers strategic advantages that make it an ideal gateway for MGAs and MGUs. Its geographical proximity to the United States, coupled with its status as a U.S. territory, provides a unique blend of local and international business opportunities. Puerto Rico's multilingual workforce, advanced telecommunications infrastructure, and modern transportation networks further enhance its appeal as a hub for insurance operations.

Innovation and Growth Opportunities

The IIC is not just about regulatory benefits and market access; it is also a center for innovation and growth. Puerto Rico actively promotes research and development in the insurance sector, encouraging MGAs and MGUs to explore new products, technologies, and business models. The support for innovation ensures that firms based in Puerto Rico can stay ahead of industry trends, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and drive sustained growth.


For MGAs and MGUs seeking to expand into new markets, Puerto Rico's International Insurance Center offers an ideal gateway. The combination of captive insurance flexibility, access to global reinsurance markets, a supportive regulatory environment, and strategic geographical advantages creates a compelling case for establishing operations in Puerto Rico. As the insurance landscape continues to evolve, Puerto Rico stands ready to support MGAs and MGUs in their quest for growth, innovation, and market leadership.


International Insurer's Consulting Group, Inc. is committed to helping MGAs and MGUs navigate the opportunities presented by Puerto Rico's International Insurance Center. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in leveraging Puerto Rico's unique advantages for your expansion strategy |

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