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NextGen II and AXA Health: Pioneering International Insurance Solutions from Puerto Rico

IICG | 29 de enero de 2024 | Rubén A. Gely

In a significant development for the international insurance industry, NextGen International Insurance (NextGen i.i.) has announced a strategic reinsurance agreement with AXA PPP healthcare Limited (AXA Health), marking a milestone in Puerto Rico's rise as a prime jurisdiction for innovative insurance products on a global scale.

The announcement on January 29, 2024, has put the spotlight on San Juan, Puerto Rico, where NextGen i.i., known for its expertise in International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) in Latin America and the Caribbean, aligns with AXA Health, a leader in health and life reinsurance. This collaboration signifies a substantial step forward in offering advanced insurance solutions worldwide.

Strategic Collaboration for Enhanced Insurance Solutions

Under this agreement, NextGen i.i. will leverage its regional expertise to introduce new IPMI products, aiming to provide comprehensive coverage for individuals and families. This move not only enhances the insurance solutions in the market but also demonstrates the potential of Puerto Rico as a hub for international insurance innovation.

AXA Health, acting as the reinsurer, brings its global expertise and resources, ensuring robust support for NextGen i.i.’s initiatives. Laurent Pochat-Cottilloux, CEO of AXA Life & Health Reinsurance Solutions, highlights that this partnership will utilize AXA Health's industry-leading capabilities to meet the evolving insurance needs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

NextGen I.I.: A Testament to Puerto Rico's Potential

The presence and success of NextGen i.i. in Puerto Rico showcase the island's capability to host global insurance players. Ricardo Gonzalez-Padilla, CEO at NextGen i.i., emphasizes that the partnership with AXA Health is a testament to their commitment to expanding product offerings and enhancing customer value. This collaboration, initiated in January 2024, is more than a business venture; it's a demonstration of mutual trust and shared goals, indicative of the long-term potential of Puerto Rico in the international insurance sector.

Puerto Rico: A Rising Star in International Insurance

Puerto Rico's role in this significant agreement is not just a matter of location. It represents the island's growing reputation as an ideal jurisdiction for international insurers. The collaboration between NextGen i.i. and AXA Health exemplifies how Puerto Rico can attract major global players, offering a strategic location, a favorable business environment, and a skilled workforce.


The strategic reinsurance agreement between NextGen i.i. and AXA Health is more than just a business deal; it's a clear indication of Puerto Rico's burgeoning status as a key player in the international insurance market. With its strategic location, business-friendly environment, and emerging expertise in the insurance sector, Puerto Rico is well-positioned to become a leading jurisdiction for insurers offering innovative solutions worldwide.

For more information about the innovative strides in insurance by AXA Health and NextGen I.I., visit AXA Health and NextGen.

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