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Pierluisi Eases Most COVID-19 Restrictions

Maria Miranda | March 10, 2022 | Caribbean Business

Eliminates Mask Requirement for Most Indoor Settings

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi announced Monday that a new COVID-19-related executive order (OE) thatgoes into effect Thursday eliminates the use of face masks in outdoor spaces and most indoor settings with several exceptions including hospitals, doctor’s offices, emergency rooms and nursing homes.

Pierluisi made the announcement alongside Health Secretary Carlos Mellado at a news conference in the governor’s executive mansion, La Fortaleza, and noted that certain restrictions are being lifted including the use of the face mask in most spaces. “As you know, the COVID-19 statistics with regard to hospitalizations have dropped considerably and we can already say that our health system is not compromised, that the level of infections is controlled and our level of vaccination is still the best in the American nation,” Pierluisi said, while adding that it is recommended to wear a face mask in spaces where it cannot be confirmed whether others have received the COVID-19 vaccination.

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