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Streamlining Tax Compliance in Puerto Rico: The New Consolidated Form 480.3(II) for International Insurers

Puerto Rico's Department of the Treasury (Departamento de Hacienda) has recently introduced significant changes to the tax filing process for entities with tax exemption decrees. This initiative is part of a broader effort to streamline and digitize tax administration, making it more efficient and user-friendly for businesses, including international insurers operating under laws such as Act 399 and Act 60. Here's an overview of the key developments:

Consolidation of Tax Forms for Tax Year 2023

The Department has consolidated various incentive forms into a single form, known as Form 480.3(II) - "Planilla de Contribución sobre Ingresos para Negocios con Decretos de Exención Contributiva" (Income Tax Return for Businesses with Tax Exemption Decrees). This move is aimed at simplifying the filing process, reducing paperwork, and making it easier for entities to comply with Puerto Rican tax laws.

Introduction of Form 480.3(II) for 2023

The new consolidated form, Form 480.3(II), is designed for the tax year 2023. It caters to businesses with tax exemption decrees, allowing them to file their income tax returns more efficiently. This form is part of Puerto Rico's efforts to encourage economic activity by offering tax incentives, and the consolidation aims to make the incentives more accessible and the reporting process more straightforward.

Mandatory Electronic Filing

For the first time, the filing of Form 480.3(II) will be mandatory to be done electronically. This marks a significant shift towards digitalization, with the aim of enhancing the efficiency of tax filing and processing. Electronic filing will be exclusively through certified providers approved by the Department of the Treasury. This move is expected to reduce errors, speed up processing times, and improve overall tax compliance.

International Insurers under Act 399 or Act 60

International insurers operating under Act 399 or Act 60 are specifically required to use Schedule L and Schedule L2 (PAS) when filing their returns. These schedules are part of the new consolidated Form 480.3(II) and are designed to address the unique tax reporting requirements of international insurers. By integrating these schedules into the consolidated form, Puerto Rico aims to simplify compliance for international insurers and ensure that they can benefit from the tax incentives offered under the respective acts.


The Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico has taken a significant step towards simplifying the tax filing process for entities with tax exemption decrees by consolidating all incentive-related forms into a single form, Form 480.3(II). This initiative, coupled with the mandatory electronic filing through certified providers, represents a move towards modernizing the tax system and making it more efficient. International insurers operating under Act 399 or Act 60 are among the entities that will benefit from these changes, with specific provisions in place to facilitate their compliance with Puerto Rican tax laws.

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