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Turning the Page: My Journey from Iron Shield I.I. to New Horizons

IICG | February 12, 2024 | Rubén A. Gely


Five years ago, I embarked on an incredible journey with Iron Shield I.I., guiding it from its nascent stage with just $1MM in gross written premiums to a robust $40MM powerhouse with a diverse client base spanning the United States, Colombia, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. Today, I write to share the bittersweet news of my resignation as President and CEO, effective February 29, 2024, to embark on a new chapter that draws me closer to my roots as a serial entrepreneur.

Building Iron Shield I.I.: A Testament to Teamwork and Vision

Taking charge of Iron Shield in early 2018, I set forth with a vision to scale its operations and impact. Through relentless dedication and an incredible team's support, we've expanded our horizons, serving clients across multiple jurisdictions. This journey has been more than numbers; it's been about building lasting relationships and pioneering solutions in the ever-evolving insurance landscape.

A Return to Entrepreneurial Roots: The Path Forward with IICG

Before Iron Shield, my passion for fostering innovation led me to establish the International Insurers Consulting Group (IICG), a beacon for international insurers in Puerto Rico and a platform to navigate the complexities of global insurance regulations. My decision to step down from Iron Shield is fueled by a desire to concentrate on IICG's mission: to unveil the potential of Puerto Rico as a hub for international insurance and to introduce groundbreaking products in the realms of international health plans, parametric structures, and credit default insurance.

Neutrality for Client Benefit: A Commitment to the Best Solutions

Guiding our clients to the best solutions necessitates an unbiased approach, especially when navigating Segregated Asset Plans in Puerto Rico. My new role will allow me to serve our clients' best interests, providing impartial advice without the inherent bias of holding a leadership position within Iron Shield.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Embracing New Beginnings

My journey has always been about exploring new frontiers and the thrill of building from the ground up. As Iron Shield I.I. continues to thrive, I am drawn to new ventures that promise growth and innovation. It's this entrepreneurial spirit that propels me forward, eager to tackle fresh challenges and opportunities.

A Smooth Transition: Ensuring Continuity and Success

I am committed to facilitating a seamless transition, ensuring that Iron Shield I.I. continues its trajectory of success without interruption. My dedication to the company's future prosperity remains unwavering, and I will work closely with the team to ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities.

Gratitude and Looking Ahead

As I reflect on my time with Iron Shield I.I., I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities for growth and the trust placed in me. I am proud of our collective achievements and will always cherish the memories and friendships forged along the way.

Conclusion: An Invitation to Join Me on This New Journey

As I turn this new page, I invite you, my colleagues, partners, and friends, to join me in this next phase of my journey. Your support has been the cornerstone of my achievements, and I look forward to exploring new possibilities together.

Let's embrace the future with optimism and the relentless spirit of innovation that has always driven us.

Warm regards,

Ruben A. Gely-Ortiz

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